Stretch Knit Wraps for Newborn Baby Posing. A must have accessory for the newborn photography. Our stretch wraps can be used to assist in a variety of baby poses depending on how you use them. You can use them simply as a drape too. There are literally so many ways to use these wraps and they can change up a pose without moving baby too which in turn give your clients a bigger gallery to view.

Most babies love to be on their backs and this video shows you how a wrap can change it up a little. Click here to view

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  • Teal Stretch Wrap

    Teal Stretch Wrap

    Use this wrap over your underlayer wrap. The underlayer wrap helps to keep baby nestled and settled and this wrap adds the texture and colour you have selected for your shoot. These are super stretchy so perfect for the job! Can also be used as a layer in a prop too.