Posing Beanbag

Comfortable and secure baby beanbags

Our beanbag is soft and comfortable for a newborn baby. A beanbag from Newborn Baby Posing is a safe prop, which allows a baby to rest in a comfortable position. Our beanbags are designed with a large flat base, which provides additional areas of safety for the newborn.The beanbag is designed with an incorporated fabric funnel which allows filling to be added. There is also a fastening to seal off the funnel once you have completed the filling process. For a sleek finish, we have also added a zip to seal off the beanbag filling.

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  • Newborn Posing Beanbag - 14" HIGH

    Newborn Posing Beanbag - 14" HIGH

    The essential tool for newborn photography. A large, soft but firm, posing space also big enough for twin photoshoots!
  • NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    Use this wedge to elevate baby's head and elbows in all the beanbag poses. This is particularly useful in the head on hands pose as baby's elbows won't dip. The wedge is an absolutely essential posing prop.