Photography Frame

The design of our frame makes post processing of your images a breeze. No more smoothing and cloning to get rid of the wrinkles in your backdrop. Our frame has been designed to work with our beanbag so sizing is perfect. No dips that would create unsightly shadows and the fabrics will be able to be clamped around the frame leaving a wrinkle free backdrop so the only editing that should be required will be baby's skin tones.

Due to the nature of this lightweight product, the frame is flexible but sturdy and fit for purpose as well as being amazingly portable.

Self assembly but it's really easy supplied with simple instructions.

(Approx 10-14 working day dispatch)

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  • NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    Use this wedge to elevate baby's head and elbows in all the beanbag poses. This is particularly useful in the head on hands pose as baby's elbows won't dip. The wedge is an absolutely essential posing prop.
  • Fabric Backdrop Clamps

    Fabric Backdrop Clamps


    Set of 8 clamps to secure fabric to your photography beanbag frame

    Colours may vary but the clamps will be the same style