Newborn Photography Training ~ Group Workshop

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All workshops are currently limited to 8 mentees maximum

You need to bring your camera, memory cards, charger and spare battery. Make sure you come dressed in layers as the studio will be very warm.

1. Why should I consider training in newborn photography? Training in newborn photography equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to handle delicate babies, create stunning and safe poses, and capture precious moments during a newborn's early days. It allows you to offer a specialised service that families cherish, while ensuring the safety and comfort of the baby.

2. Do I need prior photography experience to train in newborn photography? While prior photography experience is helpful, it's not mandatory. However, a basic understanding of your camera will be helpful although not vital before training.

3. What does newborn photography training typically cover? Newborn photography training covers a range of topics, including safe posing techniques, soothing methods, studio setup, lighting,  client communication, wrapping, posing and business aspects of running a newborn photography business.

4. How long does newborn photography training usually take? The duration of newborn photography training can vary depending on whether you begin with our online training or come to an in-person training day. Our comprehensive online training covers everything we cover on a training day but it is completed at your own pace. Our in-person training day typically starts at 10am and finishes at approximately 4pm.

5. What qualifications do we, as trainers,  have? We have extensive experience in this field, a portfolio of successful newborn shoots, and a background in photography and teaching.

6. Can I specialize solely in newborn photography after training? Yes, after training, you can specialise exclusively in newborn photography. However, having a versatile skill set, such as family or maternity photography, can enhance your offerings and attract a wider clientele.

7. Do we offer a reputable newborn photography training program? Research online to find our reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from fellow photographers. We have a proven track record, positive client experiences, and a strong emphasis on safety.

8. What equipment do I need for newborn photography training? Basic DSLR camera or mirrorless camera, a 50mm lens, spare batteries, memory cards, ideally a strap for your camera and a notebook and pen.

9. How do I ensure the safety of the newborns during training? Safety is top priority during our newborn photography training. We teach safe posing techniques and empsise always to have a spotter or assistant on hand. The studio environment will be warm and comfortable and we always avoid risky poses or setups that could compromise the baby's safety.

10. Can I practice newborn photography without formal training? While it's technically possible to start practising without formal training, newborn photography involves specific techniques and safety considerations that are best learned from experts. Formal training helps you avoid common mistakes, provides guidance on posing, and ensures you're equipped to create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby.

11. How much does newborn photography training cost? Our online training is typicallly £125 although we do have special offers from time to time on this. Our in-person training is £350.

12. Can I start my own newborn photography business after training? Yes, training in newborn photography can provide you with the skills and confidence to start your own business. You'll need to learn not only the photography techniques but also the business aspects, such as marketing, pricing, and client management.

13. How do I continue learning and improving after training? Photography is a continually evolving field. After training, stay updated with industry trends, participate in workshops or webinars, practice regularly, seek feedback from peers or mentors, and consider attending advanced courses to further refine your skills.

14. What are the benefits of specialising in newborn photography? Specialising in newborn photography allows you to capture special moments during a family's most precious time. It's a rewarding niche that can lead to strong client relationships, word-of-mouth referrals, and the chance to create timeless memories for families.

Reviews on our beginners newborn photography workshops

"Great workshop on Saturday with our two hosts - both very experienced and knowledgable about the subject. Facilities were perfect. A total of 4 of us with 'L' plates so a small group compared to some workshops. All were made welcome by each other. Time spent on safety, camera settings, posing options with a stand-in-baby (SIB), wraps etc before the arrival of the first baby. Discussion/explanation continued as baby 1 was settled ready for capturing some professionally set photos. Plenty of posing options explored before baby 1 was able to call it a day. A delicious lunch had been provided with more than enough to go round. Baby 2 arrived during lunch so plenty of time for him to be settled and encouraged to take centre stage which he did - and some. Our 2 tutors showed immense patience and direction in an effort to obtain the perfect shot. In all, a really opportunity to engage with knowledgable, friendly professionals who know their game. An excellent workshop and a must for those thinking about entering into new born photography'"Steve

Sophie-Goucester - 5 Stars

"I recently had a great day with Sarah and Sandra these ladies are so welcoming whatever level you are at presently. I learned so much in their workshop its really set me on my way on handling my sessions more professionally more confidently and with more successful images after the shoot. Before this I have been playing about with YouTube and reading bits and although I picked up a lot, a workshop with Sarah and Sandra was like pressing the fast forward button only wish I would have found them sooner. I have booked on two more workshops with other instructors that Sarah and Sandra will be running I can't wait I'm sure these ladies will be seeing a lot of me in the future"

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Sandra and Sarah for an amazing workshop. I came down to Manchester from Glasgow to take part in the Newborn Photography Course and I'm so glad I did. Both tutors were funny, approachable and honest in the way they taught. We had two newborn models who were both super cute but had different levels of alertness, it was nice to see professionals at work dealing with both babies and their personalities. I would highly recommend this workshop, it was money and time well spent for me. Thank you again!