Newborn Photography Beanbag

Newborn Posing Beanbag

Comfortable and secure babybean bags

We offer beanbags which are soft and comfortable for a newborn baby. A beanbag from Newborn Baby Posing is a safe prop, which allows a baby to rest in a comfortable position. Our beanbags are designed with a large flat base, which provides additional areas of safety for the newborn.

Made with a luxurious material which is easy to clean


We ensure that all the products we sell are of the highest quality. The baby beanbag we provide is crafted from cream faux leather vinyl which is soft to touch and has a luxurious appearance. Not only does the beanbag look good in your newborn studio, it’s also easy to clean, meaning that any stains can be wiped away quickly.

The beanbag is designed with an incorporated fabric funnel which allows filling to be added. There is also a fastening to seal off the funnel once you have completed the filling process. For a sleek finish, we have also added a zip to seal off the beanbag filling.

Perfect accessory for newborn posing


Our newborn babybean bag is must have prop for the newborn photographer. The wider surface area stops the baby from sinking into the bean bag. Unlike a traditional newborn beanbag, our product won’t create shadows in the finished photograph, which is a common problem newborn photographers wish to avoid.

Our standard beanbag is 40” in diameter and 14” in height, our newborn bean bag is larger than most other bags on the market. 

Our newborn posing beanbag comes unfilled due to it's size. We do not supply the filling. We recommend that you use around 12-14 cubic feet of polystyrene beans which will fill the beanbag to firm.

We also offer newborn photography workshops which you can find details about here
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  • Newborn Posing Beanbag - 14" HIGH

    Newborn Posing Beanbag - 14" HIGH

    The essential tool for newborn photography. A large, soft but firm, posing space also big enough for twin photoshoots!