Starter Pack Beanbag | Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag
Starter Pack Beanbag | Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag
Starter Pack Beanbag | Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag
Starter Pack Beanbag | Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag
Starter Pack Beanbag | Newborn Baby Posing Beanbag



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Starter pack in neutral shades suitable for baby boy or girl

1 x Newborn Posing Beanbag, 12" x 40" diameter (unfilled)

1 x set of 2 white, filled posing pillows (fabric is water repellent)
1 x posing roll (beans not supplied)
1 x non-slip mat for beanbag

set of 3 wraps, shades will vary 
set of 3 hair ties to complement the wraps
1 x neutral coloured stretch backdrop

Place the mat on top of the beanbag. This will help to stop your posing pillows and fabrics from moving and slipping. Place the backdrop over other backdrops or fabrics. The more backdrop you can place over the beanbag the better. This will ensure that your posing pillows cannot be seen through the fabrics.  You need your posing pillows to help lift baby's head and bottom so that baby doesn't look flat. You are aiming for baby to look small and nestled in your shots. It's so easy to make a tiny baby look long or large. Posing pillows will help to curl baby up. Of course your camera angle is important too. If you take the image from the wrong angle baby can still look long!

Use the posing roll for the head on hands shot. It's long enough to rest baby's head and arms and lift baby's  head. Baby's heads are very heavy and you will need to have a parent or help by the side of baby supporting baby's head so that it doesn't tilt to one side. If baby's head tilts forward and you lose the chin just add a small cushion, roll up one of your wraps or anything else that is small and soft to add an extra left under the posing roll.

You have the option to add our Basic Posing Guide Download to your beanbag purchase FREE (usual price £15.00 plus VAT).

Our guide contains:-

Parent Preparation Guide
Basic Model Release form for portfolio building sessions
Preparing your newborn studio
Basic information on lighting
Our newborn posing workflow guide for beginners with instruction alongside posed images

Please provide the email address you would like us to send the download to in the box below.

We also offer newborn photography workshops which you can find details about here
(All workshops take place in our studio near Manchester)

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