Our beanbag frames have been designed to be used alongside our newborn posing beanbags. They are tailor-made to make life easy for newborn baby photographers. They fit perfectly around the beanbags, giving you space to clamp your fabric to the frame

A beanbag frame is vital for studio work and it speeds up post processing as it stretches any fabric backdrop and helps to eliminate fabric wrinkles which may affect the quality of any finished photograph. Our photography posing frame is quick and easy to assemble and this makes them ideal for photographers who are constantly on the move and looking to save time. Our beanbag frames have been tried and tested and are sturdy enough to accommodate any fabric backdrop even flokati!

If you want to see how easy it is to put a backdrop onto our frame click here

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  • Frame for beanbag

    Frame for beanbag

    Frame for use with one of our newborn posing beanbags, reduces post editing time!
  • Frame and Beanbag bundle

    Frame and Beanbag bundle

    Our posing frame and posing beanbag have been made to work seamlessly together. Stretch your backdrops over the frame and beanbag so that you are wrinkle free and don't encounter hours of needless post processing
  • Posing Guide Cards

    Posing Guide Cards

    Use this handy posing booklet next to you while you shoot if you just need a little reminding about our posing flow. They also show you where to place the wedge and cushions for each pose too!
  • Fabric Backdrop Clamps

    Fabric Backdrop Clamps


    Set of 8 clamps to secure fabric to your photography beanbag frame

    Colours may vary but the clamps will be the same style