1. Why do I need a beanbag?

Our beanbag is a foundational piece of equipment that enables newborn photographers to create beautiful, safe, and varied poses. When clients see that you're using a specialized beanbag designed for newborns, it reassures them that their baby's safety and comfort are a priority during the session.

2. Why do I need a frame?

When fabric backdrops are clamped to the frame, the result is a smooth and wrinkle-free surface that enhances the professional appearance of the images.

The precise fit between the frame and beanbag prevents any shadows or dips in the fabric, creating a consistent and even background for every pose.

With a frame that seamlessly integrates with the beanbag, photographers can work more efficiently during sessions, spending less time adjusting and more time capturing shots.

The lack of wrinkles and inconsistencies in the fabric reduces the need for extensive post-processing to correct these issues, saving valuable editing time.

3. Why do I need a posing wedge?

The wedge provides a gentle elevation for the baby's head, allowing for comfortable and natural-looking poses where the head isn't flat on the surface.

With its soft yet firm construction, the wedge offers crucial support to the baby's body, ensuring their safety and comfort during poses.

The wedge helps maintain level elbows and arms in poses like the "head on hands" pose, creating symmetry and balance in the newborn's position.

4. Why do I need to using posing cushions?

Posing cushions come in various sizes, offering adaptable elevation for different parts of the baby's body, such as elbows or the bottom, in poses like the side or huck pose.

Posing cushions prevent the baby from shifting or moving out of a desired pose, ensuring their safety and maintaining the intended composition.

By providing additional support, posing cushions keep the baby comfortable during poses..

The use of posing cushions results in consistent poses across different sessions, contributing to a cohesive and polished portfolio.

5. Why do I need fabric backdrops?

Stretchy fabric backdrops fit easily and snugly over the beanbag and around the frame, creating a smooth and seamless surface for newborn poses.

Properly fitted fabric backdrops eliminate wrinkles and folds, resulting in clean and professional-looking images that require minimal post-processing.

They are machine washable, making it convenient to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for each newborn session.

Available in a wide range of colors

We offer co-ordinating wraps that match the fabric backdrops creating a cohesive and harmonious colour palette

6. Why do I need fabric wraps?

Fabric wraps can be chosen to match our fabric backdrops

The length and stretchiness of fabric wraps make them easy to wrap around the baby, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for posing.

Wrapping a newborn can have a calming and soothing effect, helping the baby settle into poses more quickly, saving valuable session time.

Wrapped babies can be posed in various setups, whether it's placing them in a prop or creating classic poses like the huck pose on the beanbag.

Fabric wraps can be creatively used as soft accessories, adding texture and depth to poses like the tush up pose or the side pose.

Wraps mimic the snugness and security of the womb, contributing to a natural and comforting environment for the baby.

Incorporating fabric wraps into poses ensures consistency in style and theme throughout the session.