Essential Posing Cushions & Wedge

Without the wedge and cushions your baby will look very flat in your images. The wedge and cushions help to create lift and curl and if used correctly will make your baby look small and relaxed. These really are essential to your posing.
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  • Posing Cushions ~ set of 5

    Posing Cushions ~ set of 5

    Use our posing cushions to help lift baby's bottom, support baby's elbow, lift baby's head in a prop or help lift a foot into the shot. These cushions are essential for your newborn shoots.
  • NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    NEW FOAM Posing Wedge

    Use this wedge to elevate baby's head and elbows in all the beanbag poses. This is particularly useful in the head on hands pose as baby's elbows won't dip. The wedge is an absolutely essential posing prop.