1:1 Newborn Photography Training using a Newborn Model & Training DOLL

Due to the current COVID-19 situation all workshops are now based on 1:1 training days with our Stand in Baby doll to ensure your and our safety in the studio. These sessions will be held at our studio in Cheadle, Cheshire on a mutually convenient weekday.

Everything will be cleaned and sanitised before your arrival and we will be wearing masks or shields and gloves and will have the same ready in the studio for you too.

Although we won't have a baby model this does mean that we can cover far more on the day than we would usually as we don't have to spend time settling the baby. You also get hands on practise with the doll, posing cushions positions, wrapping and so on,  so that you will be confident to pose a newborn as and when it is safe to do so.

In addition to the coverage mentioned below when booking one of our beginners 1:1 SIB workshops you also get the following:-

1. Our training video download link - with this link you have access to view our live newborn shoot with a 7 day old baby girl.  We cover wrapping and our full beanbag posing workflow. We re-cap for you how we transition baby from pose to pose and how we get the maximum amount of images for the parents with the minimum disruption to the baby covering lighting, camera angles and more.

2. Our posing prompt cards to download and ether have on your phone or print to keep to hand for a great refresher during your shoots. 

3. Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support and mentoring. This group has over 300 members and is a lovely friendly group with mentees also giving each other support and advice.

4. A newborn posing download which covers parent preparation, how to set up your studio, lighting and props that are required and our beanbag posing flow.

5. A certificate of attendance to use in your studio and a training logo to add to your website to show you have had training in newborn posing and safety.

Coverage on the day of the workshop

First contact & Parent preparation
Basic safety
Lenses, making the right choice
Session Styling
Basic Lighting set-up
Simple beanbag posing and workflow
Making the most of a pose
Choosing the right angle
Simple wrapping techniques
Prop posing 

Held in our studio The Cheadle Institute, 
1 Cheadle Green, 

Please enquire if you have a date in mind for training as we endeavour to accommodate

The day will run from 11 am to 4 pm, please bring your own snacks and refreshments for the day as we will be unable to provide them due to hygiene regulations for COVID.

10% discount code is given to you upon booking to use in our prop shop www.newbornbabyposing.com

'Great workshop with our two hosts - both very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject. Facilities were perfect. A total of 4 of us with 'L' plates so a small group compared to some workshops. All were made welcome by each other. Time spent on safety, camera settings, posing options with a stand-in-baby (SIB), wraps etc before the arrival of the first baby. Discussion/explanation continued as baby 1 was settled ready for capturing some professionally set photos. Plenty of posing options explored before baby 1 was able to call it a day. A delicious lunch had been provided with more than enough to go round. Baby 2 arrived during lunch so plenty of time for him to be settled and encouraged to take centre stage which he did - and some. Our 2 tutors showed immense patience and direction in an effort to obtain the perfect shot. In all, a really opportunity to engage with knowledgable, friendly professionals who know their game. An excellent workshop and a must for those thinking about entering into new born photography' Steve