For someone just starting out in newborn photography, what items would be absolutely necessary?

We run a successful newborn photography studio in Cheshire as well as teaching the art of newborn photography to photographers around the UK and further afield and the two items that we would not be without are beanbag and frame. The beanbag is a soft but firm posing area and the frame fits around the beanbag and supports the background fabrics by the use of clamps,  pulling the fabric tight to eliminate wrinkles.  You never want to have to edit out wrinkles in post processing, get your images correct in camera to save you hours in front of the computer when editing. You’ll need some wraps, hats and hair ties to change up the image and  maximise every pose by changing camera angles too.

The nature of newborn photography is a slow process. You need plenty of time and patience as the shoot runs at your newborn’s pace. The sessions allow plenty of time for feeding and changing and simply settling a baby can sometimes take up to an hour.  We provide the parents with a pre-shoot preparation guide to help them get the best from their session and to ensure the baby is as sleepy as possible.

If luck is on your side you’ll have plenty of shots for a full gallery of images after about 2 hours but be prepared for the shoot to take in excess of 4 hours. But it’s worth it. Nothing beats the expression of the parents seeing their tiny baby, generally under 14 days old, captured at your newborn photography session.

So if you’re looking for newborn photography props look no further than Newborn Baby Posing Limited.

If you are considering branching into newborn photography as a career then training really is a must. There are some very simple poses that you can do but some are so much more advanced and really shouldn’t be tried without suitable tuition. The baby’s safety is paramount.

We offer training sessions too here

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