Lightroom Editing Course ~ 2nd July 2016

We know how to take a good newborn photograph ~ we have the lighting set up, the beanbag in place, the frame set up with layers and layers of fabric backdrops. We have our workflow refined, we know how to move baby from pose to pose without disturbing baby too much. We have the Shusher in the background and our white noise to keep baby settled, the heaters at their optimum temperature to keep baby warm but the final image just isn’t good enough without being able to subtly edit the image in Lightroom & Photoshop. This editing changes a good image into a BEAUTIFUL image!

We were taught how to use Lightroom by one of the industry’s experts. We have organised a small editing workshop with our lovely expert to be held at our studio in Gatley, Cheshire for a maximum of 6 mentees.

See¬†before/after image of one of our newborn babies that came to our studio. You’ll see the difference…..

If you would like to book a space on our editing course then email or visit¬†–2nd-july-2016-19-p.asp

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